Digital Citizen

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Digital Citizen is a trilingual campaign by the RLC. It is a guide to the world of digital technology to receive optimum benefits while reducing the negative impacts. A Digital Citizen refers to someone using information and communications technologies (ICTs) to engage in society, politics, and government. Digital citizenship is a critical skill for students of today and leaders of tomorrow.

Amid digital transformation, safeguarding your devices and information online can be an endeavour. Promoting Digital Citizenship can be a strategy when optimizing digital opportunities whilst minimizing the adverse impacts of digital transformation.

The Digital Citizenship Toolkit (DCT) is an initiative by the RLC to help you navigate all online platforms whilst keeping your content and privacy safe and secure! It is part of an NCEASL initiative comprising training and awareness-raising to nurture responsible and ethical digital citizens, especially among Sri Lankan youth.

The DCT attempts to introduce concepts related to digital citizenship whilst taking into account the local socio-economic realities, technology adoption patterns, societal actions and other considerations. For young people, in particular, the distinction between online and offline is completely blurred. Therefore, in this book, we do not separate online from offline. Instead, we consider it a part of a continuum, encouraging respectful and responsible behaviour in all spaces and environments.

The Digital Citizenship initiative launched The Digital Citizenship Comic Book, a trilingual comic book filled with colourful illustrations depicting easy and potent lessons on the dangers of using excessive digital media and online risks whilst highlighting the positive use of digital media.


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