MinorMatters Initiatives

Updated: Mar 11

MinorMatters is an initiative spearheaded by the Religious Liberty and Social Justice Commission (RLC) of the NCEASL. It is a public movement dedicated to protecting the rights and liberties of religious minorities in Sri Lanka and fostering religious harmony whilst protecting the Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) in Sri Lanka. Further, through this movement, we seek to support and empower efforts to advance reconciliation, counter religious extremism and promote national co-existence.

This is done by raising awareness around issues surrounding national co-existence and ethnic harmony whilst providing resources to help those working towards co-existence in the country.

On the 26th of July 2018, MinorMatters launched its online platform that highlights data and research surrounding religious violations, insights of opinion leaders, a blog that encourages public engagement, and views on religious freedom and campaigns promoting and advocating for issues faced by religious minorities.

One of the MinorMatters' web platform's key features is the abundance of available resources at the click of a button. These resources include toolkits, fact sheets, research, and analyses to enable viewers to reflect and educate themselves on FoRB and other religious issues in Sri Lanka.

Another feature is the Media Watch segment, through this, we aim to highlight reportage on mainstream media related to the representation of the religious minorities in the nation.

We commissioned Verité Research to produce a monthly compilation of analysis reports of the local dailies in all three languages; these reports have been featured under the Media Watch segment of the web platform.

You can explore more of this initiative by visiting www.minormatters.org and link up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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