MinorMatters launches 'Unforgotten'

MinorMatters by the Religious Liberty and Social Justice Commission (RLC) launched 'Impressions', a virtual exhibition of photo and video stories based on the Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) in Sri Lanka. 'Impressions' aims to be a platform to give voice to different perspectives on FoRB, underscore the importance of the FoRB in upholding Human Dignity, nurture a climate of coexistence and reconciliation, and foster healthy discourse.

In remembrance of the tragic Easter Sunday attacks in 2019, MinorMatters launched 'Unforgotten' - a series of stories of several families whose lives drastically changed on that fateful day. These stories brought light to these individuals' challenges as they rebuild their lives and face the future with admirable resilience and hope.

As you navigate through 'Unforgotten', we invite you to pause and reflect on what each story narrates and the impression they leave on the intricately woven multi-religious and multi-cultural fabric of Sri Lanka.

You can view the virtual exhibition of photo stories on https://www.minormatters.org/en/impressions

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