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The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) has served the nation since 1952, with a membership of over 200 churches, denominations and organisations, representing the evangelical Christians in Sri Lanka. Our commissions are united by a shared vision of ‘Unifying the Church to Transform the Nation’. 

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We equip the National Church of Sri Lanka by empowering pastors and ministry workers to reach out to fulfil their calling whilst serving evangelical Christians in all parts of the country to bring transformation and assist them with livelihoods whilst supporting vulnerable Christian communities in their time of need.

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We equip and encourage religious leaders, youth and children to be catalysts of change in their communities. Through specific initiatives, the poor and vulnerable are rehabilitated, supported and empowered to transform and build their lives through long-term and sustainable assistance.

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The NCEASL serves the Church and the nation through our four commissions: Missions and Evangelism, Religious Liberty and Social Justice (RLC), Relief and Development (RND), and the Youth Evangelical Alliance (YEA). All the projects, activities and initiatives we conduct fall under the three pillars of 'equip the national church, advocate for peace and justice and build resilient communities'. These activities reach a broad group of marginalised communities across Sri Lanka, irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed.

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You can partner with us in many ways: get involved, be a volunteer or contribute to our initiatives to give a ray of hope and a better tomorrow to those in need.

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