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Keepers of the Kingdom | Kids Camp 2023

Following a three-year hiatus since the last Kids Camp in 2019 due to various national crises, the NCEASL returned to host Kids Camp again. The camp was held from the 28th to the 30th of September 2023 in Thulhiriya, with over 100 enthusiastic Evangel Care scholarship beneficiaries aged 06 to 19. The theme, titled “Keepers of the Kingdom”, included sessions on,

  • Creating an awareness of the children’s identities and their true identity in God.

  • Creating a sense of worth and purpose.

  • Helping them understand the importance of their choices.

  • Teaching them to make the right choices and develop their character.

  • Bringing awareness of the current world they live in and how they can make an impact in their communities, even as young people.

The children from various parts of the island come from backgrounds where their parents actively serve in ministry. The three days of camp, conducted in Sinhala and Tamil, consisted of multiple activities with interactive learning, including games, worship, sessions on the theme, arts and crafts and a talent show. For a more inclusive approach, the children engaged in structured sessions with arts and crafts incorporated and catered to their specific age groups. A few NCEASL staff members also held one-on-one discussions with some children, who shared their struggles.

To conclude the last night of camp, the children showcased their gifts and skills through the talent show. The multi-talented children displayed their diverse talents through various forms of dancing, singing and playing multiple musical instruments. The NCEASL ended the camp by providing them with a backpack, books, essential stationery items for their education and a voucher to purchase shoes as a token of love.

“Thank you to everyone for looking after us so well. We were thrilled. God bless you.”

- Dinal Nethsara and his brother (Participants from Kids Camp)

“Thank you and your fantastic team for organising the Kids Camp. My son had an incredible experience. He couldn't stop talking about all the great things he learned and the fun he had. Your efforts are genuinely appreciated, and we are grateful for the positive impact on our child's life.

I also want to express our gratitude for your thoughtful gifts to my son. It was a kind and generous gesture that made his camp experience even more special. Again, thank you for your dedication and hard work and for making this camp a memorable and enriching experience for our child.”

- Pastor Roshan Clawance (Parent of a participant from Kids Camp)

I learned so many things at Kids Camp from the first day until the last and learned so much about God’s word and how I need to treat others. The kind-hearted people who worked there were thoughtful and always checked up on us. We played fun games, and I enjoyed my time at the camp. I thank the NCEASL for organising this wonderful camp for us kids. I am excited to attend the camp next year, too. Thank you.

- T. S. Abishai (Participant from Kids Camp)

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