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Pastor Nayomi Blessed with a Livelihood

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

"My name is Pastor Nayomi Ganendran. I have served with my family for many years in rural areas and currently pastor the AOG church in Dambulla. The last two years were difficult for my family and our ministry; the economic crisis was one of our worst challenges, significantly affecting our financial position and congregation. Our congregation looked after us because our income was nominal compared to the cost of living. It was difficult for them to continue supporting us as most members were daily wage earners, and most lost their jobs due to the crisis.

In the middle of the year, my husband met with an accident and was bedridden for a long time. It significantly affected me as I had to look after my family and manage the ministry alone. However, I thank God for healing my husband and providing for our needs. The biggest blessing was when the NCEASL provided me with a grant through which I could rear goats. My husband and I plan to sell goat milk, and with this income, we hope to bless our congregation and the community. I am very grateful to God, the NCEASL and all those who supported us."

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