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The School of Holistic Discipleship Training aims to equip church leaders -including both women and young people- to make disciples of all nations, beginning in our home, Sri Lanka. To this end, the curriculum developed by the NCEASL which has engaged in holistic ministry for the past 70 years, is based on the on the framework of "Discipling the Nation" where the gospel is preached to every person through the lives of those who live in their communities, by living out Christ-like relationships, values, and culture. The gospel is to transform not just sinful people but all creation - including nation-states.


To this end, we ask the question:

What would a discipled nation look like?

We believe the collective effort of churches plays a role in transforming Sri Lanka into this discipled nation, This discupled nation would have the four distinct characteristics of

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Individual and Corporate Righteousness

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Social Peace

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Economic Sufficiency

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Public Justice

Each module based on those characteristics, contains an introduction to the rudimentary concepts, analysis of the current social climate, biblical exegesis, and detailed practical steps for church leaders and ultimately churches, to incorporate into their ministry.

About the course

The curriculum was developed by a drafting committee comprised of both senior and younger church leaders and theologians. The course includes a 12-week practical ministry training taught by experienced individuals in the respective fields with 72 hours of learning Including 24 hours of live sessions delivered via ZOOM and Google classrooms, in all three languages. Each batch will include 3 church leaders from 25 churches in Sri Lanka, including women and youth leaders. At the culmination of the training, churches which complete all the 4 modules, will receive a practical ministry training certificate from the NCEASL.

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