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Kingdom Kids Programme for Evangel Care Students

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Over the past two decades, the NCEASL has worked extensively with children from underprivileged families. Accordingly, over 200 Christian children receive educational Evangel Care scholarships every month. These children have made significant progress and achievements in their studies.

Jabez's father is a pastor who serves in a community facing economic strife. The congregation members are daily wage earners who hardly make ends meet. Jabez couldn’t attend additional tuition classes as his family couldn’t afford them. The support provided by the NCEASL incredibly blessed Jabez. It enabled him to participate in tuition classes, which resulted in Jabez exceeding his expectations, coming first in class and attending a better school in 2021.

Over the past year, due to the pandemic, schools conducted educational activities online as they were closed. The NCEASL launched a fellowship programme titled ‘Kingdom Kids’ to engage with the children enrolled in the NCEASL’s Evangel Care scholarship programme. In line with this programme, these sessions were carried out monthly through creative means, including dance, skits, music, short messages, and arts and crafts by the NCEASL.

“These sessions were a source of encouragement in these times.”

Shalom and Jabez were two of the several participants who benefitted from the Kingdom Kids fellowship programme. The programme was designed to spiritually strengthen and build up the children's morale during these challenging times while enabling them a unique experience of fellowship with the other children online. The parents expressed how the programme impacted their children positively.

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