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Paynter Childrens Home Nuwara Eliya

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The first thing you notice when you enter the Paynter Children’s Home is the beautiful beds of flowers and the welcoming atmosphere. The halls and dormitories are spotlessly clean and there is a sense of order and discipline. Even the youngest resident, a little boy of 3 years, is polite and tidy. The Managing Directress, Mrs. Angeline Jacobs, gives us a guided tour of the establishment which is flourishing under her care. The Paynter Home in Nuwara Eliya was established in 1924 by Rev. Arnold Paynter who was moved by the plight of neglected children in the plantation sector. The home today is a government approved charity and most of the children are referred there by the probation department while some children are brought in by churches or parents who are unable to bring up the children by themselves.

The Managing Directress recently brought to the notice of the NCEASL the home’s pressing need for a dryer as they faced a great difficulty in drying out the children’s clothes due the cold climate conditions of Nuwara Eliya. In response to this request, the NCEASL donated a tumble dryer for the Paynter Home in April, 2018.

Mrs. Jacobs is profuse in her thanks for the assistance extended by the NCEASL. She expresses her gratitude for the dryer which will be installed once the construction work of the new laundry room is complete. She believes that this dryer will be immensely useful in providing for the needs of the 33 children who have found a home in this establishment. The dryer will not only be useful in wet and overcast weather but also lessen the workload of the staff who cook, clean, teach and care for the needs of the children. “Above all, thank you for coming to our home and for your interest in our wellbeing” says Mrs. Jacobs.

The NCEASL is happy that it is able to support the Paynter Home for children in this manner. Over the years, the ministry of the NCEASL has evolved to support the needs of vulnerable persons and it today reaches out to the needy and destitute in all parts of the country.


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