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The NCEASL Supports 1000 Families

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

In December 2021, the NCEASL initiated the ‘Bearing Gifts’ project, which involved providing specialised gift packs to 1000 families of pastors and ministry workers across Sri Lanka. These men and women of God faced significant challenges and disappointments during the past few years, especially during the pandemic. Through this initiative, the NCEASL presented them with a small token of appreciation for the immense and tireless work they had carried out for the kingdom of God. Further, the NCEASL encouraged and strengthened them to keep fighting the good fight whilst reassuring them that we would always be there to support them.

The gift packs included dry rations, sanitary items, schooling packs, toys for the children, confectioneries and vouchers.

This project also involved youth volunteers from member churches who helped pack the gifts. Many of them were blessed to be a part of such an initiative.

Many of the beneficiaries had never received a gift of this nature in their life, and they expressed their deep gratitude.

“A big thank you to the NCEASL for all your work. This Christmas, your act of love and kindness truly blessed us. This gift is not just a means of provision but has shown us the love of God. I pray that God will bless all those that have contributed to this great initiative.”

- Pastor Devsri

“I really thank God for the NCEASL who has come through in this time of great economic difficulty and blessed us with such an amazing gift. This gift was an enormous blessing, not just for my family and me but to all the pastors and ministry workers in our district. We are amazed at the number of goods and the quality of items that have been given to us. I pray for the growth of the NCEASL in this next season and that their impact will be mighty in this nation.”

- Pastor John

“I convey my gratitude and greetings to the directors and members of the staff of the NCEASL. Every member of my family received a gift from you. Due to the difficult times, we required many food items, and my wife was thrilled to receive milk powder, among other groceries, in the gift pack. My daughter had been praying for a ‘snakes and ladders’ board game, and my son longed to have a remote-controlled car. Both these toys were among the gifts my children received. We are so grateful and thank God for the provisions we received through the NCEASL.”

- Pastor Ganesh

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